Crop Nutrients – Improving Quality and Productivity of your Soil


Dakota AGrow helps growers improve both the quality and productivity of their soil through increased fertility in all typed of situations. We provide a consulting service specifically dealing with soil fertility and problems that are closely related.  The principal goal is to help those who use the services we offer to economically achieve an ideal level of productivity and quality in terms of the soil and the crops grown on each soil. Our work involves utilizing specific soil tests to determine nutrient needs, and recommending the appropriate types and amounts of fertilizers and soil amendments to fill those needs.

Our business is advice, including optional on-site farm consultations. We offer consulting services, which includes evaluating soils and crops and recommending the proper fertilization for each specific situation.

We manufacture, deliver and custom-spread a total complement of quality crop nutrients:

  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Bulk dry fertilizers
  • Custom-blended fertilizers
  • Lime & landplaster
  • Lawn & garden
  • Fertilizer materials
  • Specialty fertilizers
  • Granulated fertilizers

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