Channel Seed – The Difference Is Seedsmanship


There’s a wide divide between good and great, especially when it comes to service. And while selling seed is a good thing, that’s simply not good enough for us.

Dakota AGrow is a Channel Seedman.  A Channel Seedsman is different because we are out there, walking your fields, checking in often, looking for t​he best way to help you get the most out of your conditions, keeping an eye on your challenges and staying on top of what’s new. Which is why we’re not just some company out to sell you seed. We are a seed company out to win you over with personal service, elite products and expert advice like no one else. That’s what we call Seedsmanship​​.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What sets our products apart is a direct connection to Monsanto, a company consistently recognized as a leader in seed and trait technology. Our germplasm is sourced globally, tested locally, and then combined with the latest tr​aits and treatments​ to ensure performance potential on your acres.

Channel® sources the highest-performing genetics globally, and tests them locally to allow Channel Seedsmen to make the best recommendations on your fields. Channel specializes in corn, soy​beans, sorghum, and alfalfa.


Channel® Corn Traits * Channel® Soybean Traits

Genuity® is a family of leading traits designed to work together to help maximize yield potential and minimize risk in Channel seed products.

These traits can:

  • deliver high yield potential every season, even in adverse conditions
  • help to maximize your seed investment
  • consistently deliver future trait innovations

Through our partnership with you, we are recommending products to help you maximize your profit potential.

Channel® Sorghum

Channel® grain sorghum features a broadened germplasm base with a long-standing reputation for performance potential.

Channel® Alfalfa

Take advantage of the benefits of Channel® brand alfalfa products that offer the potential for solid yields, high forage quality and excellent disease resistance. Ask your Channel Seedsman about the b​road spectrum weed control, simplicity and flexibility of Genuity® Roundup Ready® Alfalfa.